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Are you needing a new tube latch for your project? At Elite Door & Tap Hardware, we can certainly help. The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the borehole for the latch. It's essential to select the correct backset size to ensure a proper fit and function. Our door tube latches and door latches are available in the following standard backset sizes: 45mm Backset: Ideal for smaller doors or where stile space is limited. 60mm Backset: The most common size, suitable for most standard doors. 70mm Backset: an older type latch which was used back in the day. The latch strike plate is an important component that catches the latch bolt and secures the door in place. We offer two distinctive styles: 'T' Style Strike Plates: These strike plates are shaped like a 'T', providing a classic look. 'D' Style Strike Plates: Featuring a rounded 'D' shape, these strike plates offer a sleek and modern aesthetic. Our door latches and tube latches come in a variety of finishes, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your interior design. Choose from: Polished Chrome: A bright, reflective finish for a contemporary look. Satin Chrome: A more subdued, matte version of chrome for a modern touch. Polished Brass: A classic, shiny finish that exudes traditional elegance. Antique Brass: Offers a vintage look with a warm, weathered appearance. Satin Brass: A softer, brushed finish that adds sophistication. Antique Copper: Provides a rich, aged look with a distinctive reddish hue. Polished Nickel: A bright, silvery finish with a hint of warmth. Satin Nickel: A versatile, brushed finish that complements a wide range of styles. Polished Stainless Steel: A durable, shiny finish that resists corrosion. Satin Stainless Steel: A brushed finish that combines durability with a modern aesthetic. Matte White: A clean, modern finish that blends seamlessly with white doors. Matte Black: Adds a bold, contemporary touch to any door. Gun Metal: A dark, metallic finish that offers a sleek and edgy look. For those who prefer a seamless appearance without any visible metal on the door jamb, magnetic latches are an excellent choice. These latches use powerful magnets to hold the door securely closed, providing a minimalist and clean look. Magnetic latches are perfect for modern interiors where maintaining clean lines and an uncluttered look is paramount. Whether you're renovating your home or building new, selecting the right door latches and tube latches is essential for both security and style. With options in various backset sizes, strike plate styles, and an extensive range of finishes, you can easily find the perfect latch to complement your decor. And for a truly modern and unobtrusive option, consider magnetic latches to keep your doors looking sleek and sophisticated. Explore our collection today and find the ideal latches to meet your needs!

Tubular Magnetic Latch 60mm Backset image

Tubular Magnetic Latch 60mm Backset

Magnetic Passage Latchthe Magnetic Latch Ejects And Retracts Automatically With The Operat.. (read more)

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Tradco 45mm & 60mm Backset Split Cam Tube Latch & Strike image

Tradco 45mm & 60mm Backset Split Cam Tube Latch & Strike

Tradco 45mm & 60mm Backset Split Cam Tube Latch & Strike

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